About the program

We help Czech B2B startups grow and expand globally.


The program is selective and a maximum of 20 startups can be accepted into the year, selected by the Ment2Grow team. Approximately one third of the applicants who apply are accepted into the program.

In order to register for the program, you must fill out a detailed application form and also complete an initial video interview.

Active participation in workshops, events and mentoring is expected in the program, so please consider your time availability in advance so that a spot in the program is not blocked for another potential participant. Active participation in the program requires approximately one to two man-days per month.

Mentoring and some other activities are only for startup founders. However, selected activities can also be used by other key team members or are designed specifically for them.

The program is funded thanks to our partners. Participants only pay an operating fee of 34,000 CZK for eight months of participation with a guarantee of a refund if expectations are not met.


Gain access to the community and connect with founders who are tackling similar topics. Community of 70+ Ment2Grow alumni startups or a portfolio of program partner companies.


Numerous opportunities to meet new clients, partners, investors:
  • Pitch Night: Present your startup in 3 minutes, live, in front of a room of over 100 guests.
  • Speed Business Meeting: Meet one-on-one with guests from potential partners, clients, investors and gather valuable contacts.
  • Expert & network pool: Draw know-how from more than 200 founders, experts, corporations and VCs with whom we cooperate.
  • CoEx = Co(nnect)&Ex(pand): ake advantage of a unique list of experienced business experts with their own extensive networks of global contacts, in a range of technological specializations, which will facilitate your entry into foreign markets.
  • Travel abroad Get inspiration from the most important startup events and take advantage of networking opportunities right in the country you are targeting.


You can expect eight months of cooperation with an individually selected mentor who is an expert on the topics you are currently actively working on. We select mentors from a wide network of contacts and connect them with the participant so that he gets the most out of the mentoring.


During the eight-month program, workshops and discussions on various topics with experts from the field wait for you:
  • Introduction to mentoring: You will find out what it is and why it is so necessary. How to set up meetings correctly, how important feedback is, and what to do when you feel like it's not working. You will learn to recognize when it is the right time to ask, when to listen and when to speak.
  • How to make the perfect pitch: Learn to speak so that your words carry weight and identify your style, the specifics of spontaneous and prepared speech, the correct structuring of pitch presentations and body language.
  • Law Find out what requirements should be contained in the founders' agreement, how to ensure the protection of intellectual property or what are the terms of business and negotiations with investors in the framework of VC investments.
  • Employer branding & PR: You will learn not only what PR is, how and when to start with it, which topics to get into the media, but also what is hidden under the term Employer Branding and how it can help you in building a work team and company culture.
  • Lead Generation: A workshop focusing on the differences between inbound and outbound marketing, different channels and their role in lead generation, as well as strategies commonly used in lead generation.
  • Investment: How to do it when you are looking for an investor for your business. What are the methods of raising funds, what investors look for and how to build a pitch deck that will help you succeed.
  • Foreign expansion: You plan to enter a foreign market - find out where to start, what strategy to choose, how to communicate with a foreign target group and how to sell your product abroad.
  • Sales I. & II.: Sales is the alpha and omega of every business, which is why we focus on it twice. From A to Z, from the basic setup of the sales process through prospecting to upselling and account management.
  • Tax, accounting and legal top ten for (not only technology) startups: A clear cross-section of everything founders should keep in mind from a tax, accounting and legal perspective, including practical dos & don'ts.
  • Content marketing: Learn how to correctly define your target group, how to communicate with them and what content is interesting for them.