Many startups have gone through the accelerator during its operation. Among the companies that have benefited from the program are number of promising stars of the emerging Czech digital economy.

Consulting boutique for data analysis. Leverage customer data to increase digital sales effectiveness and customer loyalty.

A mobile engineering company that supports clients across multiple domains with mobile app design, engineering and maintenance.

A litigation funding provider that focuses on specialist support for individuals, corporate clients and law firms.

Madesense Digital

It helps startups and companies grow their business by creating brand, mobile and web experiences and innovating through user-centric prototyping.

A creative video production company that specializes in creating unique animated videos since 2014. They create engaging videos to help their clients grow their business.

A cloud-based omnichannel solution for selling products across countries and continents via advanced international e-shops, global marketplaces (such as Amazon or eBay) and social networks.

A cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that handles the entire document lifecycle from receipt to dispatch for internal IT systems.

A technology company that analyzes text for innovative, customer-oriented companies using artificial intelligence based on the principles of distributional semantics.

A cybersecurity company whose mission is to provide protection from cyber threats to the billion everyday Internet users.

A robust pricing platform built on next-gen AI that enables salespeople to work with pricing in all its complexity, helping them set better pricing strategies and deliver measurable results.

Media and marketing agency that creates marketing solutions using augmented and virtual reality, from app development to content services and media to events and training.

It takes care of everything on the road to an AI-driven future, from data collection and coding to training and assessment. Ensuring their customers are moving in the right direction towards an AI-driven future.

A company focused on the development of system solutions and the manufacture of custom sensors, telemetry assemblies for data collection, analysis and visualization, process control and environmental monitoring.

An AI startup with a focus on intelligent text analytics that develops advanced solutions for media companies and news analytics in general. For example, their NLP API can be used to analyze customer feedback and other texts.

They are developing an innovative SaaS platform for all event planners, marketers and HR professionals who work in large companies and deal with engagement of target groups or employees.


It helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to start their business and penetrate the markets of Central and Eastern Europe with their medicines.

An automated combination of taxi & ride-hailing and public transport services for convenient and sustainable commuting. It combines the best of both worlds: the speed of public transport in the city centre and the convenience of a last-mile taxi.

A technology company that has developed a platform to produce personalized videos on a large scale. This tool allows companies to talk to their customers more effectively and create stronger brand loyalty.

It offers a SaaS solution developed by a team of data scientists to help companies around the world deliver the most relevant content and product recommendations to individual customers in real time.

The first online tool that puts order back into the file. Offices can now have their files, documents and notes in one place, not only completely secure, but also accessible anytime and anywhere.

It provides companies with individual fulfillment services tailored to their logistics needs, taking over all logistics concerns and giving them more time and space to focus on business development, product development, marketing, sales and other key areas.

A sales platform that turns every phone into a personal travel guide. SmartGuide acts as a live tour guide, guiding visitors and automatically talking to them when they reach a place of interest.

It offers a simple way to tag any product in an image and link it to the item detail in the store. A quick deployment that any user can handle without a programmer.

A tool for collaboration in companies regardless of industry. The app allows you to upload, manage and quickly share digital content. BrandCloud increases business growth and streamlines teamwork.


An AdTech platform created in partnership with leading publishers for publishers around the world that can run alongside any other solution and easily implement in your current programme setup.

Analyzes customer data to optimize targeting, lead generation and the customer journey. In 2 minutes, it cleans customer data, finds the strongest customer connections, and shows how to improve any business metric.

Since 2010, it offers a platform where startups, projects and investors interact in a clear and secure way.

It provides a powerful and flexible solution for application/microservices development in any cloud, enabling companies to streamline their SDLC and achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

An AI product studio that uses data science and machine learning to create production-level data science solutions and products that deliver tangible impact and innovation.

It focuses on Real Estate Private Debt Investments in debt financing of specific projects in the real estate sector in the form of a participation in a loan agreement.

It offers private car transfers in more than 90 countries on 6 continents through a network of more than 5,000 English-speaking drivers.

It helps companies and cities upgrade their transport services using digital AI technologies.

It converts data from all platforms into actionable statistics that help creators make better, more informed decisions about their content.

Integrated solutions for unified receivables management and increased returns. This speeds up the debt recovery process for creditors and shortens the timeframe for debtors' repayment.

A startup that believes that agriculture in emerging markets can be transformed to deliver better productivity, higher yields and improved food security, and that it can play a role in that transformation.

Music similarity search using AI technology that has been specifically developed to support music rights owners by allowing users/clients to easily dive into music catalogues and find the right music for their needs.

A research agency specialising in subconscious thinking that has created the Behavio automated platform - the ultimate tool to create better advertising.

A comprehensive solution that helps property and facilities managers efficiently manage their residential buildings by digitizing, automating and centralizing all their key processes.

An affiliate network that connects brands and content creators in a unique way. It is a robust ecosystem of many features that help brands and content creators achieve great results.

A platform that is alive with virtual assistants - chatbots and voicebots. They help people get rid of repetitive communication and make their lives easier.

Solutions for energy management, digitalisation of industry, buildings and cities. By connecting technologies, it helps to streamline operations and optimally use energy resources, reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Platform for external data automation. Go beyond your internal data limitations and access the latest market data to adapt faster, track market changes and support your pricing strategy.

Cloud VPN for business teams. Enables global remote access with zero trust principles. Secures all employees wherever they connect and protects business applications from online threats.

The largest online platform for influencer marketing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Using technology to connect brands and marketing agencies with proven content creators.

An AI-powered corporate and lifelong learning platform that can discover, filter and browse over half a million online learning materials, build your personalized learning paths, publish them for others to navigate and enjoy peer-to-peer learning.

Universal cloud application for time management and billingthat manages productivity and effective time use.

Business intelligence analytics suite for marketing professionals. A comprehensive solution for marketers to integrate all their advertising, CRM and web analytics data into one place and harness the power of multi-touch attribution to drive higher ROI from their marketing campaigns.

An app that saves builders the annoying paperwork. No extra features, just an interface for the construction company owner, a simple app for workers and access to selected sections for investors.

An autonomous robot platform that uses open source and in-house development to navigate autonomous robots on urban sidewalks and confined areas.

An innovative smart device that collects completely anonymised customer information. A multi-functional marketing tool covering all aspects of offline marketing that helps companies better understand their customers and adapt to their needs.

Helps with the transition to automated accounting. Secure and conclusive transmission of accounting documents including approval and secure electronic archive. Integration with ELIS supports automated invoice processing.

A dedicated PIM system that helps companies increase online sales, reduce time to market and reduce IT requirements supporting day-to-day operations. It acts as a dashboard for the sales team, controlling all quotation and pricing information.

It develops SaaS solutions that create entirely new digital customer journeys directly in customers' mobile wallets. It helps its clients create a real-time digital communication channel that provides their customers with up-to-date information and access to digital support through a single button.

An embedded iPaaS and web-based visual workflow automation tool to connect applications and APIs and enable business automation. The platform saves companies time and effort in creating various visual tools and integrations such as workflow systems, business process automation applications, and application integrations.

It supports farmers who want to farm more sustainably and companies that care about the environment. Regenerative agriculture is a way to reduce CO₂ in the atmosphere.

Datamole is helping industrial companies become more sustainable and profitable by innovating their business with IoT, machine learning and AI solutions. It is particularly focused on the agriculture, manufacturing, biotechnology and food technology sectors.

 Save time and schedule shifts, manage absences, offer shifts, monitor the code and process attendance in one app.

Platform for managing and optimizing pricing for medium and larger e-shops. Smart product repricing in a few clicks.

It helps make email marketing significantly better. Get more opens, clicks and orders from your newsletter.

The only customer data platform that offers versatile hosting in any cloud, anywhere in the world Listed as one of Singapore's top 10 Big Data companies in 2023.

With Ofisly, you have all your corporate bookings in one app. Discover new sharing possibilities and make the most of your flexible and hybrid workplace.

Ternologic provides professional IT service management and consulting. It has many years of practical experience in outsourcing all kinds of IT related tasks and aims to offer fast, reliable, secure and worry-free services.

Threshold Capital focuses on helping small and medium-sized digital businesses in the CEE region secure loans to grow their businesses. Their approach is founder-friendly and offers a simple, transparent and personalised process.

Tropic Square is a company focused on developing and manufacturing chips for secure electronics. The company's vision, approach and unique know-how have already attracted the attention of major players in the technology industry.